Stuck trying to think of a speech idea?

There are many ways you can draw on ideas for a speech. Primary sources are those life experiences that we all share. They can be humorous, inspiring, mysterious or melancholy. These are personal and help to share a little more about you to the audience. Secondary sources are those ideas you can find by reading or browsing the internet. The Toastmasters International website is full of information that can help you to generate ideas and construct your speech. Members can also find tips and suggestions from the monthly Toastmasters magazine. So if you’re stuck trying to think up a speech, don’t sweat or stress but take the time to reflect on these sources and you’ll be amazed at the breadth and depth of topics you can select from. Above all else, pick something you’re interested in because your enthusiasm will make the process easier!

Need Help With…?

  • Evaluations
  • Your Speaking Voice
  • Your Body Language

The following educational manuals; Your Speaking Voice, Effective Evaluation, and Gestures: Your Body Speaks can be downloaded here.

Role information:

Sgt at Arms
Responsible for setting up the meeting place and calling the meeting to order at 6:45pm sharp.
Coordinates the meeting and ensures each section runs according to its designated time.
Toastmaster ( Role Script Notes: Toastmaster )
Introduces each speaker and their associated evaluator.
Delivers their prepared speech according to the objectives set out in the Toastmasters speech manual.
Evaluates the assigned speaker providing feedback and thoughts on areas for improvement.
General Evaluator
Evaluates all roles, except speeches, and provides feedback and thoughts on areas for improvement.
Entertainer ( Role Notes: Entertainer )
Coordinates an entertaining section of the meeting to re-energize members.
Table Topics Master (Suggested Topics: TableTopics )
Coordinates the impromptu section of the meeting giving members a chance to stand up and respond to a variety of topics.
Umm/Aagh Counter
Counts the umms and aaghs each speaker lets slip and provides a verbal report.
Listener Grammarian
Takes notes of good uses of grammatical structure and tests the audience on their ability to recall areas of the delivered speeches.
Timer ( Role Sheet: Timer )
Records the time for the prepared speeches as well as other speaking roles and provides a verbal report.
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